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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions not covered in our FAQ then please contact us!

Why House Clearance New Forest?
When opting to use any of our services you will not be left disappointed, we are one of the most experienced companies in Hampshire with thousands of happy customers. We aim to provide all our present and future customers with the best possible service, from affordable rates to excellent customer service.
How much do you charge for your services?
At House Clearance New Forest we use a pricing model that gives our customers the best possible affordable rates. When a customer calls or emails us we ask for information regarding what needs to removing and disposing, from there we can calculate fuel, labor and tipping costs incurred and therefore be able to give the customer a free quotation. If you require items shifting then please contact our team today on 01590 634353.
Do you have the necessary licenses?
Yes, we have a full waste carriers licensed issued by the Environment Agency, meaning that we can remove and carry all types of commercial/household waste. Never use any clearance company that does not hold a valid license.
Do you have insurance?
Yes, we have a full public liability insurance policy covering up to a whopping 1 million pounds
Do you buy items?
Yes, we always consider used and unwanted items that are of high quality and hold some resell value. Often we allow our customers to use goods in the property against the cost of our services, meaning in some cases there may be nothing to pay at the end of the job.
Does House Clearance New Forest Recycle?
Yes, in fact it actually helps to save us and you money! So we would be crazy not to! We will also use local charities in the New Forest and surrounding areas of Hampshire to help extend the life of items and cloths.
Where does all the rubbish go?
We use local waste management companies in Dorset and Hampshire, we avoid landfills at all cost, not only are they bad for the environment they are also costly.
Do I need to be at the property on the day of the clearance?
No, all our team requires is your permission to enter the property along with the keys and information on what you want removing, leaving and disposing off. We can provide pictures of the property before and after should you request it.
What happens to paperwork?
We will dispose of everything unless you inform us not to. Items that you wish to keep will be put aside for your collection, or mailing. Please let our team know before the day of clearance.
What happens if our team comes across some valuables?
We put all requested items aside and should we come across high valuables we will inform you.
How fast can you provide me with your services?
Normally within 24 hours of your call.
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